Top 10 Beauty Tips to Keep You Refreshed

This latest bizarre news is not a new B-Town break-up or a television couple patch-up, but it is a well-kept secret. The secrets to the flawless beauty of actresses from the big screens of Bollywood to the small screens of telly industry. One such actress is Divyanka Tripathi, the newly-wed diva who never fails to dazzle the screens. Wondering how she always manages to do that? Then, let's dive into it.Follow these beauty tips which will make you look glamorous like these Divyanka Tripathi images.

So, here are the top 10 beauty tips:

  1. Always!

Moisturising helps your skin to hit a perfect balance, protecting it from being either too dry or too oily which results in access of acne and other skin problems.


Washing your face helps your skin breathe and cleanse your pores of any dirt. But it varies for different skin-types from oily to dry. Over-washing might also lead to irritation and might de-moisturize your skin. So, it is important to know how frequently your face needs a wash accordingly.

  1. Bring back oil

Oiling makes your hair more moisturising and hydrating. It also protects your hair from getting frizzy or too dry, improving any hair damages due to pollution or any other harmful products.

  1. Carry your water bottle around

Drinking water not only keeps your body fresh but your face as well. Hydrating helps your body to flush out toxins, hence giving your skin a healthier and natural glow.

  1. Remove your makeup

Removing makeup is the most important step of a night-routine which is generally overlooked. Sleeping with the makeup on will close the pores of your skin hence not allowing the skin to breathe properly. This can result in break outs and harsh skin.

  1. Sunscreens lotions

A SPF protected sunscreen lotion is a must before stepping out of the house. The sunrays damage the skin by tanning it and sometimes, even burn the skin out of repair. Apply sun screen all over your body and face at least 20 minutes before you leave and apply it every 2 hours.

  1. Try home-remedies

Treat your skin to face-packs or body scrubs which are home made and let them do their magic on your skin

  1. Exfoliate every time

Exfoliating the skin twice a week helps in rejuvenating it, leaving your skin glowing. Pick up a scrub of your choice and start exfoliating!

  1. Don't comb while wet

Hair follicles are comparatively fragile when the hair is wet and combing your hair at that particular time makes it more susceptible for breakage. Hence it is advised not to do so.

  1. Eat Healthy

What you eat determines how your skin radiates. So, it is necessary for your diet to have a healthy routine or you might which helps your skin glow.

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